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revamped lamp shade
Your new stylish lamp

How to Makeover an Old Lamp

Change the look of your decor in minutes with this easy lamp makeover project.

You will need

  • An unloved lamp
  • Gloss spray paint
  • Lampshade (if new one is needed)


  1. Remove the globe and lampshade.
  2. Clean and dry the lamp base thoroughly.
  3. Use masking tape to cover all parts that need protecting from the spray paint (including the cord)
  4. Prepare a work area outside - cover with lots of old newspaper. Wear old clothes!
  5. Spray-paint the lamp base - follow instructions on spray can for best results.
  6. Once it's dried attach a new shade and admire!
lamp shade before lamp shade with maskign tape
An unloved lamp, prepared for painting