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Make a Terrarium

Create your own low-maintenance indoor garden. Every terrarium is a work of art and you can create yours just the way you like it, or start a collection - terrariums look great grouped together.

Gather your supplies

  • A glass vessel such as a fish bowl, a glass mason jar or vase. The size of the opening will dictate the type of plants you can grow; the smaller the opening the more humid it will be inside so bear this in mind when choosing your materials.
  • Gravel and activated charcoal (available from your local aquarium).
  • Potting mix to suit your chosen plants.
  • Small plants that have similar growing conditions, for example don't mix moisture-loving tropical houseplants with succulents.

Prepare your container for planting

  • Place a 3-5cm layer of gravel in the bottom container. The gravel is for drainage but its visibility also adds to the decorative appeal of the terrarium, so do a neat job!.
  • Add a 1cm layer of activated charcoal. This helps to absorb odours and toxins from decomposing soil and plant material.
  • Add 5-10cm of potting mix - go easy on the potting mix as it can spoil the look of the terrarium, plus you don't want your plants to grow too big.
  • Add your plants - arrange your plants to create a design that’s pleasing to the eye. Roots can be trimmed back by half before planting.
  • Add a top layer of gravel, sand, ornaments or other decorations to complete your garden scene.

Care of your terrarium

Position your terrarium away from direct sunlight and water with a spray bottle only when needed (closed terrariums will retain moisture so need less watering). Depending on the type of plants you’ve chosen you might need to prune once in a while, but other than that, you can just sit back and wait for the admiring comments from friends and family.