Handy Home Hints

Storage tip

Attach a magnetic strip to the inside of your drawers to hold small items such as tweezers and hair clips.

No more smelly jars

Smells hanging around in empty storage jars? Fill jar with hot water and 1tsp mustard. Give it a shake and leave for 5-10 minutes. Wash as usual.

Bag tidy

Use an old spectacles case for lipstick, keys etc. so you don’t lose them inside your bag.

Charge your phone faster

Your phone will charge up faster if you put it on airplane mode. Airplane mode prevents your phone from wasting battery power as it searches for cellular and Wi-Fi signals.

Remove permanent marker from...

  • Clothes – hand sanitiser
  • Walls – toothpaste
  • Wood – rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)
  • Carpet – white vinegar
  • Whiteboard – whiteboard marker
  • Glass – one part toothpaste & one part baking soda

Get a grip

Slippery shoe soles? Just give them a rub with coarse sandpaper.

Unstick the zip

Stubborn zipper? Rub the teeth on both sides of the zip with a graphite pencil. Graphite is an excellent dry lubricant.

Glass protector

When packing to move house, put each drinking glass into a clean sock.