Handy Home Hints

Pet hair pickup

Run a rubber squeegee across upholstery or carpet to collect pet hair for easy clean up.

Grimy collar solution

Try using shampoo to remove grime from shirt collars and cuffs. Apply a little shampoo, gently rub, then wash as usual.

Keep laces tied

Dampen the knots of your shoelaces with a wet cloth after tying
them. They should stay fastened all day.

Protect your phone

When you’re using your hands for messy jobs, keep your phone clean and dry by placing inside a zip-lock bag. The buttons will still work through the bag.

3 uses for salt

  1. Minimise splatter when frying by sprinkling a little salt into the oil.
  2. Reduce the itch of a mosquito bite by dabbing salt water on the area.
  3. DIY body Scrub - make a paste with 1 tbsp each of honey, coconut oil and table salt. Massage into damp skin while showering for silky-soft skin.

Finding small objects

When you drop a small object and can’t find it, turn out the lights and shine a torch across the floor. The object will cast a shadow, making it easier to spot.

Even heating

When heating food in a microwave, arrange it around the edge of the plate with a clear space in the middle. Your food will heat evenly and you won’t have any hot and cold spots..

Perfect potato wedges

Use an apple slicer for speedy potato wedges.