Handy Home Hints

Non-slip clothes hangers

Prevent clothes from slipping off hangers by winding rubber bands around each end of the hanger.

non-slip hangers
Keep your clothes off the floor

Storing cut avocado

To prevent leftover avocado turning brown, place it in an airtight container together with a few slices of onion. The onion gives off gasses that slow oxidisation so your avocado will stay looking good for longer.

Avocado in container
This avocado has been stored for
2 days with minimal browning

Instant cake decoration

For an instant pretty decoration for a cake, use a patterned doily as a stencil. Simply centre the doily on top of the cake, dust with icing sugar then remove. You can also make your own stencils for a personalised cake by cutting shapes out of parchment paper.

icing sugar designs on cake

Cleaning a dishwasher

Give your dishwasher a monthly clean with vinegar. Place one cup of white vinegar (upright) on the top rack and one on the bottom. Run a hot cycle and your dishwasher will be sparkling clean. Placing the vinegar in an upright cup ensures that it is dispensed gradually as the cup overflows in the dishwasher.

Clean you dish-washer

Keep your fingernails clean while gardening

It's not always possible to wear gloves when gardening, especially when doing delicate work. You can prevent dirt getting under your fingernails by pushing them into a bar of soap. This will create a barrier against dirt and once you've finished, use a nail brush to remove the soap and clean your hands.

keep your nails clean when gardening