Homestead Industries Security Screens

Expert Tips

Professional installation

You might think it's a good idea to install your own security doors or screens, but it isn't! To do their job properly, high-quality and expert installation is just as important as the doors and screens themselves. Security doors installed to Australian Standards will ensure that they keep you and your home safe and secure.

Stylish security

Your home is a place where you should always feel safe and secure. Stainless steel screens allow you to fully secure your home, without feeling as though you are living behind bars. This means you can still have your views while you and your family are inside, safe and sound.

Sliding door security

Making your sliding doors secure is a must. They generally have simple latches which are easy to break open and can easily be pushed or lifted off their tracks. The doors also tend to be hidden from view at the side or back of a home, which is the perfect place for a burglar to break in unseen. A security screen on your sliding door will be extra security and also provide a visual deterrent for any would-be burglars.

Security screen standards

When choosing your security doors and screens, always make sure that they are manufactured and installed to Australian Standards. This means they have gone through rigorous testing including impact tests, jemmy attacks and knife shear testing. It also means that they are correctly installed to ensure they will keep you and your family safe.