Regal Rendering

Wall Rendering, Acrylic, Cement & Sand Willetton

Give your home a wall rendering makeover

John Thompson from Regal Rendering has been rendering homes for over 30 years. John and his team can render your home and transform your old brown bricks walls into a new stylish, modern look which will add value to your home.

Regal Rendering can render your whole home, individual walls, internal walls and even boundary walls. Choose from dozens of styles, textures and colours to create the look and style you want. You will be amazed at the transformation of your home when those brick walls disappear to be replaced with a classic rendered finish.

Boost the value of your home

Have you been thinking about giving your home a long overdue makeover? Regal rendering can bring your home into the 21st century by rendering your old brick walls, inside and out. This modern solution will give your walls a bright, new and fresh appeal.

The Regal Rendering team will make sure they keep a tidy work area at all times to make sure there is minimal disruption in and around your home. They’ll cover all window frames and downpipes, and place drop sheets over garden beds, floors and paving. The render is then applied and expertly finished to achieve your chosen rendering look.

Regal Rendering takes great pride in delivering top quality workmanship on their entire range of wall rendering services.