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A Special Message about COVID-19 from Tint-A-Car, your local neighbourhood Window Tinting experts.


The safety and well-being of customers is our priority and we’d like to let you know about the protective measures we're taking during these challenging times.


  • We have completed a Health Department online safety course specific to COVID-19. Our normal business hours may have changed. Please call our office on 9350 5199 to confirm opening hours.

  • We intend to keep our business open and will be operating as usual during this vital period of social distancing.

  • We have been briefed on the symptoms of COVID-19, and everybody who works with us is under strict instructions to stay at home at the first sign of any respiratory illness or fever.

  • We will wash/sanitise our hands thoroughly before and after visiting anyone’s home.

  • We accept contactless payments.

  • We have not recently travelled overseas or knowingly had contact with an infected person. In the unlikely event of exposure, we will obviously stay home and self-isolate in line with the latest government rules.

  • When booking an appointment we will ask you to confirm that you have not recently travelled overseas or knowingly come into contact with an infected person.

  • We agree to adhere to the social distancing guidelines and refrain from shaking hands and keep at least 1.5m from others. We kindly ask that you do the same.

  • For the time being, I will have to respectfully decline appointments to homes under quarantine.


The team at Tint-A-Car wishes you and your loved ones the very best of health. We’re all in this together, and together we’ll get through it.


Tint a Car Cannington tints more than just cars!

Your windows let in the light and the view, but they also let in damaging UV rays and heat from the sun. This in turn can lead to excessive glare, higher energy costs and the fading of floor and window coverings, and furniture. Tinting your windows at home or at your business with Tint a Car Cannington will let in the sunlight without the worry.

The benefits of home window tinting are wide ranging:

  • Block up to 79% of solar heat
  • Cut glare by up to 93%
  • Create greater privacy
  • Block up to 99% of damaging UV rays
  • Patented scratch-resistance coating
  • Minimizes heat loss in winter and air conditioning cooling in summer
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Makes windows safer, preventing injury and damage from broken glass
  • Reduces annoying glare
  • Tinting can be decorative

Call the experts at Tint a Car Cannington to take advantage of all the benefits window tinting has to offer.