Willing Hands Carpentry

William Thompson has over 18 years' experience and is your local, expert carpenter. He can help with all timber projects including decking, repairs and maintenance, always high-quality at a competitive price.

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Your local expert for all things timber

William Thompson from Willing Hands Carpentry is your local expert when it comes to carpentry, decking and all things timber. He believes in delivering a high-quality job at a competitive price and will give you a comprehensive, no obligation quote.

Great customer service

William has over 18 years’ carpentry experience and keeps his customers informed through the whole process. He believes that customer service is the key and will always treat you and your home with respect. He is passionate about every project whether it is large or small and takes great pride in his attention-to-detail. He will go the extra mile to clean all work areas thoroughly when the job is finished.

Services include:

  • Cedar linings for alfresco areas
  • First & second fix
  • Full door installation service including doors, door frames & architraves
  • Skirting boards supplied & fitted
  • Timber windows & sills
  • Any other timber project
  • Repairs & maintenance

Timber windows and doors

There’s nothing worse than trying to force open a window or having to slam a door just to get it to shut properly. When windows and doors aren’t working properly, it’s important to get them repaired, not just for your convenience, but for security reasons as well. Well-fitting windows and doors are much more secure than broken, ill-fitting ones. William will come and check out any problems and will repair them if possible or replace them if necessary.

Timber screens

Do you have nosey or noisy neighbours? A simple and practical solution is timber screening. Not only will it give you privacy in your garden, it can protect from the wind and rain in winter and the sun in summer. It can create cosy, outdoor areas or be made into a garden feature, all adding style and value to your home. William is happy to discuss ideas and give advice on what will be the best solution to your privacy problems.

Skirting boards supplied and fitted

Skirting boards do more than just finish off the look of your home. They protect the bottom of your walls from everyday wear and tear, and damage from pets, kids, furniture and vacuum cleaners. William can quickly and easily replace your damaged skirting boards and have your home looking great again. They are available in primed MDF, hardwood, pine and softwood, and the process is quick and easy, so it won’t disrupt your life. There are many profiles available to suit any style of home including:

  • Colonial
  • Edwardian
  • Heritage
  • Bevelled
  • Modern
  • Victorian
  • Plain
  • Rounded

Skirting boards can be tricky to install and if you try to do it yourself it could end in disaster! Call William and make sure you are getting a high-quality job done right first time.

Add value to your home with stylish decking

Adding a deck to your home adds value and gives you more usable space to enjoy with your friends and family. William can build you a quality deck which you can enjoy for years to come. It’s important you choose the right materials, depending on how you will use your deck, the style of your home, and your budget. William will come and have a chat and can advise you on the best options to suit your needs. Your first decision will be whether you choose timber or composite decking:

Benefits of timber decking:

  • Natural product
  • Naturally beautiful
  • Properly maintained will last a lifetime
  • Can be stained or painted
  • Can be left natural with a clear finish

Benefits of composite decking:

  • Comes in a variety of wood tones and painted finishes
  • Can look remarkably like natural timber
  • Rot and insect resistant
  • Maintenance free

Full door installation service

One way of giving your home a bit of a face-lift is to replace any old, damaged or mismatched doors with new, well-fitting ones. Installing a door can be a tricky job – it might look easy, but if you don’t get it exactly right, you might have to throw away the door and start again. William can install new doors quickly and easily, and you won’t have to lift a finger. He can also make repairs to existing doors that aren’t working as well as they should.


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