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Photo of a bathroom - Groutman - Tile & Grout Cleaning
Call Mike, your local tile and grout expert


Mike from Groutman is a qualified tile and grout cleaning technician. He will restore and repair your tiles and grout at an affordable price with excellent results.

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Photo of a bathroom - Groutman - Tile & Grout Cleaning

Sparkling clean tiles and grout

Mike from Groutman is your local, professional tile and grout cleaning technician. Whether it’s cleaning a tiled flooring area, shower enclosures or a kitchen splashback, Mike will deliver top quality tile cleaning solutions at affordable prices.

He can help you with:

  • Grout & tile cleaning
  • Silicone replacement
  • Grout colour sealing
  • Slate & terracotta tile restoration
  • Tile sealing & much more.

Repairs and maintenance

Mike can also carry out repairs and maintenance, whilst all the time delivering excellent results. He can take care of grout repairs, grout colour sealing, silicone replacement and much more. Mike has state-of-the-art technology and the latest tile cleaning equipment to restore the beauty and shine of your tiles and grout, quickly and easily.

Protect your investment with clear sealing

Grout is a porous material that, over time, will discolour and stain through day-to-day wear and tear. The best  protection is to have the grout sealed soon after it has been installed. This ensures stain resistance from the very beginning  before it has the chance to get discoloured from any spills or mishaps.

Rejuvenate your tiles with colour sealing

Bring your dirty old grout back to life and make it look brand new again! Mike will expertly colour seal your tiles and when it's completed, they'll look just as good as the day they were first installed.

Benefits include:

  • Your tiles will look like new
  • Cost-effective – a fraction of the cost of replacing tiles or re-grouting
  • Ensures colour consistency throughout the grout
  • Offers maximum stain protection
  • Future cleaning is made much easier
  • Available in 89 colours (or colours can be custom-mixed)
  • Lasts up to 15 years
  • Perfect for kitchen, bathrooms, laundries, showers and living areas

Specialist cleaning

Whatever your tiles are made from, each type of surface has unique properties and unique needs for care, maintenance and protection.

Terracotta and slate are two such tiles which need specialist care or they can be easily damaged. Both of these surfaces can add the wow factor to any room – unless they are dirty and stained. Groutman offers a full terracotta and slate cleaning and sealing service to bring the life back into these beautiful tiles. Mike has developed the right techniques to remove dirt, stain and mildew without damaging the stone.

Common tile and grout problems

  • Mineral and calcium deposits – from naturally occurring minerals in the water
  • Heavy dirt and oil build up – from everyday wear and tear
  • Mould build up – due to high humidity
  • Soap scum – soap residue in the shower
  • Grout haze – left behind after installation
  • Wax residue – this is put on the tiles for protection during transportation and installation
  • Efflorescence - Efflorescence is the result of soluble salts that appear as a white crystalline deposit on the surface of the tiles and grout. This should be removed as soon as it appears so no damage is done to chemically sensitive tiles and grout

Mike can resolve all these common problems plus the more tricky ones with no trouble at all. And the best part is, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Forget pointless scrubbing, call Mike from Groutman your tile & grout restoration specialist.

Cleaning grout in a shower

Unfortunately, there are always areas in your home, such as the kitchen and the bathroom, that are susceptible to mould growth. Because there is always water involved and they have limited ventilation, they are mould’s favourite place to hang out.

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Rubber duck on edge of bath with dirty grout

Because bathrooms are prone to moisture build-up, they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould which can cause allergic reactions such as skin irritation and asthma. Here’s how you can avoid this happening.

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Hand cleaning tiles with a cloth

If your kitchen tiles aren't gleaming like they used to, even after you've given them a good clean - there is an easy way you can get them back to their former glory.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

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