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House exterior with tinted windows - Window Tinting
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Tint-A-Car Cannington doesn't just tint cars! They can block out the heat and glare of the sun at home and reduce your energy costs. They offer a patented scratch resistant coating for homes and businesses.

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Tint your home from $250 per room!* Conditions for $250 per room: maximum 3 square metres, not in conjunction with any other offer, only valid at Tint a Car Cannington.

House exterior with tinted windows - Window Tinting

Tint a Car Cannington tints more than just cars!

Your windows let in the light and the view, but they also let in damaging UV rays and heat from the sun. This in turn can lead to excessive glare, higher energy costs and the fading of floor and window coverings, and furniture. Tinting your windows at home or at your business with Tint a Car Cannington will let in the sunlight without the worry.

The benefits of home window tinting are wide ranging:

  • Block up to 79% of solar heat
  • Cut glare by up to 93%
  • Create greater privacy
  • Block up to 99% of damaging UV rays
  • Patented scratch-resistance coating
  • Minimizes heat loss in winter and air conditioning cooling in summer
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Makes windows safer, preventing injury and damage from broken glass
  • Reduces annoying glare
  • Tinting can be decorative

Call the experts at Tint a Car Cannington to take advantage of all the benefits window tinting has to offer.

The tinting process

  • The team at Tint a Car Cannington will scrape and clean the window, the window sill and surrounding area to remove any dirt and cobwebs - so the window tinting will adhere perfectly to the glass and prevents bubbling.
  • The glass is cleaned with a sharp blade with a water/detergent mix to ensure the film bonds properly to the clean surface.
  • Most films are installed by using soapy water sprayed onto the glass surface and the film adhesive surface after the protective liner has been removed.
  • The film is then positioned on the glass, cut to size, and squeegeed to remove excess water.

It looks great and you’ll stay cool

Experts are warning that we will face decades of rising temperatures with hotter, drier and more extreme summers here in Western Australia. The last few summers have all either been the hottest or second hottest on record, so it’s important we find more ways to keep cool. Window tinting blocks up to 79% of solar heat. This reduces your energy cost as well as being more environmentally friendly and reduces the need for air conditioning.

Energy-saving window film will cut your energy bills

Energy-saving film provides insulation for cooler summers and warmer winters. It is a revolutionary glass insulation coating which transforms poorly insulated windows into highly efficient windows. It has the same thermal performance as standard double glazing but at a significantly lower cost.

Extra safety for your home

Glass can be a hazard in the home or workplace when broken in an accident or by a storm. Window tinting helps to hold glass in place, if an impact occurs, making your home or workplace safer. This film also offers greater protection for those day to day bumps that can’t be avoided, including the odd football or cricket ball through the window!

The team at Tint a Car Cannington are the window tinting experts who take great pride in giving their customers the highest quality service. Call today to arrange a free quote.

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With the weather starting to warm up, it's time to start thinking about how we can stay cool without adding a huge amount to our power bills.

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Car with tinted windows

It’s no secret that Perth is hot and sunny. It has more hours of sunshine per year than any other Australian city. So, how do you protect your car interior from all this UV radiation?

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Window Tinting

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