Losing your car keys does not have to be expensive!

In Australia, car keys are amongst the most common lost items, and it can be expensive having them replaced at the dealership. But there is a cheaper way.

October 26, 2023

You might think that the most important part of your car is the engine - but if you think about it, it's the key! If you lose the key/transponder to get into and start your car, you're not going anywhere!  

If this happens to you, your first thought might be to call your car's dealership in a mad panic. But if you stop and think, you'd be better off calling your local locksmith.  

  • Auto locksmiths offer a cost-effective alternative to a car dealership to cut and recode modern car keys for most models.

  • They come to you, which means you avoid the hassle of travelling to a dealership without a car - which is a major issue if you've lost all your keys.

  • Your locksmith is a true expert. When it comes to dealerships, car keys are just a tiny part of what they do. Locksmiths spend all day, every day sorting out key dilemmas.

  • Do you have a spare car key? If you do - great. If not, you should get one! New and used cars usually come with two keys. If both keys are lost, your car's computer system will need to be reset, which can be a major catastrophe.

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