Red flowering Albany banksia bush

Create a waterwise verge and get your plants established before the summer heat

According to the Water Corporation, we use over 40% of our water in the garden, and this includes water-guzzling verge lawns. By transforming these lawns into waterwise verges,we could each save a significant amount of water every year.

June 11, 2020
Red flowering Albany banksia bush

Creating a waterwise verge is easy, but council guidelines do vary. So be sure to check with your local council before planting anything.

The benefits

Turning your verge lawn into a waterwise garden has many benefits:

  • Less maintenance required - spend your free time doing what you want to do
  • Save money with lower water usage bills
  • More places for local birds and insects
  • A greener, more environmentally-friendly street-scape.

A few tips for successful planting.

  • Choose plants to suit your area
  • Improve your soil by adding compost, soil improver and soil wetting agents
  • Place plants with similar watering needs together
  • Apply lots and lots of mulch
  • Don’t forget to 'Dial Before You Dig'

Incentive schemes

Your local council might have an incentive scheme for waterwise verges, or even offer free or subsidised native plants.

For more information on waterwise verges, visit.

Water Corporation Waterwise Plant Search

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