Save time and buy a year’s worth of birthday pressies all at once!

If you added up all the time you spend shopping for birthday presents throughout the year, you’d be horrified! A great way to save time is to do it all in one hit – either a big shopping trip or an online buying session (or a combination of the two). Here are some things to remember, to make it worthwhile.

February 24, 2022
  1. Make a list of everyone you need to buy for and shop with someone in mind. If you just buy random gifts thinking you’ll sort out who gets what later, you could find yourself stuck with a load of gifts that aren’t suitable for anyone.
  1. Buy a couple of extra generic pressies in case of last-minute birthday party invitations for you or your kids.
  1. Do your research online to see what’s available before you start shopping, so even if you’re not shopping online, you have an idea of what’s available and where you will find it.  
  1. When you hide all your birthday gifts, make a list of what you have and who you bought it for. You might remember – but you might not!
  1. Find an online directory of the shopping centre you are heading to and decide beforehand which shops you will visit. This will stop you wandering aimlessly around and getting distracted (wasting time!).
  1. Don’t go for fads – they may not be popular in 12 months’ time and then you’ve wasted your time and money and have to go shopping again (groan!).
  1. Always check the ‘use by’ date if you’re buying edible gifts. It might be a bit embarrassing gifting something that has expired!

Time Saving Hacks