Mother's Day breakfast in bed tray

Stuck for Mother’s Day ideas? Give your mum the gift of time

Some mothers would love to spend more time with their loved ones on Mother’s Day, whereas others might prefer to have some time to themselves! Either way, here’s how you can give the priceless gift of time.

May 6, 2021
Mother's Day breakfast in bed tray

Whether you are organising something for younger kids, or something of your own, here are 9 great idea your mum will love.  

  1. Start the day by making her breakfast in bed.  
  1. Make your mum's favourite cake or muffins and send her an invite to afternoon tea.
  1. Buy a jigsaw and complete it together.
  1. Organise a surprise picnic in the park (or back garden).
  1. Buy movie tickets for a film to see together (something she will enjoy even if it’s not your cup of tea!)
  1. Give home-made vouchers to redeem for tasks that you will do around the home such as gardening, making dinner (and cleaning up afterwards!) and washing the car.
  1. Plan to take younger kids to the movies or the Zoo so she can have some relaxing ‘me-time’.
  1. Book a session at a day spa for her to enjoy.
  1. Make a video call if you can’t see your mum in person on Mother’s Day.

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