The role you can play in your children’s sports

Kids love it when their parents volunteer to do things with them. By taking an interest in your children’s sport and making it a positive experience for them, you can set them up for a lifetime of benefits.

August 27, 2020

Being involved in sporting clubs can help juniors develop many life skills while also providing physical, emotional and social health benefits. But without volunteers, there would be no teams, no coaches and no half-time oranges!

Some of the volunteer positions your chosen sports club might need:

  • Coach/assistant coach
  • Umpire/linesman
  • Scorekeepers & timekeepers
  • An elected member such as president or secretary
  • Washing uniforms
  • BBQ/canteen
  • First aid

Whatever your volunteer role, focus on your kids having fun, having a go and being active, rather than winning or losing.

Sport is great for kids and the earlier they get involved, the more likely they are to continue and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

3 benefits of sports for kids

  1. Developmental benefits: Kids learn to lose and become more resilient. They also learn patience by understanding that it takes practice to be able to do something well.
  2. Emotional benefits: Being part of a team stimulates chemicals in the brain to make you feel better and improves the overall feeling of wellbeing.
  3. Social benefits: Kids learn about cooperation and how to follow rules and accept decisions they might not like!

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