Toothpaste – not just for brushing your teeth!

The same toothpaste that you use to clean your teeth can be used for different purposes. Here are 11 ways you can use it in and around your home.

June 23, 2022

1. Prevent foggy goggles - apply a thin layer of toothpaste to your swimming goggles or mask, then wipe clean.

2. Get rid of burn marks on the base of your iron - apply a little toothpaste and gently scrub. It will also remove built-up gunk from hair products on your curling iron or hair straightener.

3. Stop the itch from insect bites - dab a little toothpaste on the affected area.

4. Freshen up reusable glass jars and bottles – add warm water and a squeeze of toothpaste to the container, give it a shake and then rinse. It will smell fresh and clean.

5. Remove crayon marks from walls – put a bit of toothpaste on a damp sponge to remove stray crayon marks from painted walls. Finish by wiping down with a damp cloth and allow the area to air dry.

6. Make chrome sparkle - smear toothpaste on chrome and polish with a dry cloth to make it shine like new.

7. Whiten the soles of your shoes with toothpaste. Just take an old toothbrush and clean the soles of your shoes with toothpaste for a few minutes. You will notice a dramatic improvement!

8. If you have a budding Banksy who has used your walls as a canvas, use some toothpaste on an old toothbrush and give the marks a scrub. Wipe with a clean cloth.  

9. Scratched DVD? Gently buff the scratch with a small amount of toothpaste and a clean cloth.

10. If you apply a thin layer of toothpaste your swimming, woodwork, ski or scuba goggles then wipe clean, it should help prevent them from fogging up.

11. If your car headlights are looking a bit foggy and dirty – rub some toothpaste over them on a damp cloth and gently buff in a circular motion. Wipe off the toothpaste with another damp cloth afterwards.

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