Why brushing your dog is so important

Imagine if you went for weeks without brushing your hair! Well, grooming is as important for your dog as it is for you. Brushing your dog’s coat keeps them happy and healthy – and it’s great for bonding time between a dog and their owner.

March 10, 2022

Prevents tangles and matting

Tangles are uncomfortable for your dog and can make them feel itchy – and when they scratch to relieve the itching, their nails can get caught in the tangles. Ouch! Matting is when loose and live fur becomes a tangled clump of fur on your dog; it can also trap dirt, debris, and things such as grass seeds, which can lead to irritation, skin infections, and more.

Gets rid of loose dog hair

If you have a breed of dog that sheds hair, frequent brushing is a must – or you could find yourself disappearing under a mountain of dog hair in no time at all! Brushing removes loose hair, helps to control shedding, and makes them more comfortable. It also distributes natural oils throughout their coat, keeping it healthy.  

Easier to spot fleas and ticks

When you brush your dog regularly, you are more likely to pick up any problems such as ticks, fleas, and any unusual lumps or bumps that you may need to get checked out.

Keeps your best friend happy and healthy

In addition to making your dog more comfortable brushing your dog regularly also improves air circulation to their skin. This results in healthier skin and helps keep your dog cool during hot weather.