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Dr James Levien is an experienced chiropractor who has been helping people achieve their optimal health and well-being since 2015. He is passionate about supporting individuals in reaching their full functional potential through chiropractic care.

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James’ extensive experience includes treating a diverse range of patients, from children to older adults, as well as amateur sports enthusiasts to Olympic-level athletes. He is dedicated to helping them overcome both sudden and chronic dysfunction and pain in their daily lives.

He has a double chiropractic degree in:

  • Bachelor of Science Chiropractic – BSc(Chiro)

  • Bachelor of Chiropractic - Bchiro

James firmly believes in educating his patients throughout their treatment journey. He takes a holistic approach to care, emphasising the improvement and maintenance of overall health. Using a variety of chiropractic techniques, he works to enhance the body's function and movement.

His mission is to deliver the best forms of chiropractic care to help adjust your health and reach your optimal level of function.

Treatment for various conditions including:

  • Headaches and neck pain

  • Jaw pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Gut and digestive issues

  • Sporting injuries

  • Paediatric care

He practises a range of chiropractic techniques, including:

  • Activator Method

  • Active Release Technique (ART) and Soft Tissue Therapy

  • Cranial and Jaw Release

  • Diversified

  • Drop Piece

  • Gonstead

With his expertise and genuine care, James strives to make a positive impact on his patients’ lives by promoting health, healing, and improved function through chiropractic care.


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