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Jo and her small friendly team are your local cleaning experts. They pay great attention-to-detail and use eco-friendly products, always at competitive prices.

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The stress-free way to a sparkling clean house

Do you work all week and then spend all your weekends cleaning the house to keep it clean and tidy? Wouldn’t it be nice to open your front door and be greeted by a sparkling clean, fresh smelling house? The easiest and stress-free way to a beautifully clean home is to call the experienced team at Classic Touch Cleaning. They are ready and waiting to come and vacuum, sweep, dust, wipe and mop your home. 

Spring clean

This extremely thorough clean can be modified to suit your particular needs. The Classic Touch Cleaning team will get into all the nooks and crannies you don’t usually bother with including the tops of cupboards, ceiling fans, and behind fridges and washing machines.

Enjoy valuable, free time 

Having your home cleaned on a regular basis with Classic Touch Cleaning means you will have more free time to do the things you really want to do, like spending more time with your family and friends.

A clean house = a healthy house 

If a house isn’t cleaned regularly then dirt will build up and become a breeding ground for germs and parasites. This can be particularly troublesome for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. A regular, professional clean can reduce mould, pollen, pet hair and dust mites. 

The experienced team also use environmentally friendly and sustainable products so no harsh chemical residues will be left in your home. 

  • Weekly, fortnightly & monthly cleans

  • Spring cleans

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products & equipment

  • Attention-to-detail

  • Gift vouchers available

  • Domestic & commercial

  • Police cleared

  • Small, friendly team


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