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CK Ceiling Aspects Pty Ltd

Calum and the team are fully qualified tradesmen in all aspects of ceiling and wall installation, maintenance and repairs. CK Ceiling Aspects is a local, family-run business and they pride themselves on their high-quality workmanship and great customer service.

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House interior Plasterboard Ceilings & Walls

Sagging ceilings, maintenance and repairs

CK Ceiling Aspects is a family-run, local business. Calum and the team are fully qualified tradesmen, experienced in all aspects of ceiling and wall installation, maintenance and repairs.

Customer service comes first

Calum and his team are punctual, extremely clean and tidy. They listen carefully to their customers and are happy to offer advice and make recommendations, if required. They will always clean up after themselves and take care to use drop sheets inside your home.

Services include:


  • Sagging or dropped ceilings
  • Ceiling holes & cracks
  • Maintenance


  • New ceilings
  • Steel stud walls
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Bulk heads
  • Shed lining
  • Dry wall lining

Never ignore a drooping ceiling!

Ceiling and wall cracks appear over time, so it’s quite normal to see a few minor cracks around your home. But if you notice your ceiling drooping, lines appearing or if you see major cracks and mould, don’t ignore them or one day you could come home to find your ceiling on the floor. Call Calum and he will provide quality repairs before it turns into a major disaster.

Improve the look of your home with a new ceiling

If your ceiling is past its prime, you may be better off installing a new one. CK Ceiling Aspects can provide an affordable quote and then completely replace any existing ceiling with the minimum of fuss and mess. They will remove all of the old ceiling waste and you will be left with an impressive new ceiling.

Ceiling and wall repairs

Your ceilings and walls will become damaged over time. This includes water damage from leaky roofs, pipes or air-conditioning units; cracks and holes caused by knocks and bumps (a foot through the ceiling is quite common) and crumbling of old plasterboard. Calum and the team can patch and repair any blemishes and have your ceiling looking like new.

Signs of a sagging ceiling

As with any home maintenance, the sooner a problem is addressed, the easier it will be to fix. If you spot any of the signs below, call Calum. He can repair your ceiling before it turns into a major disaster.

  • A bow in the ceiling
  • Fine lines or cracks in the plasterboard
  • Visible joints
  • Gaps between the plasterboard and the ceiling’s roof trusses
  • Noises coming from the ceiling, such as ‘pops’ or cracking sounds
  • Movement in the ceiling when pushed
Couple looking at a ceiling that has collapsed

You might think a sagging ceiling would be obvious, but you'd be wrong! You might have a sagging ceiling and not even realise until you come home one day and find your ceiling on the floor.

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Plasterboard attached under existing ceiling

If you’ve got old fashioned, dark exposed brick in your home, or a ceiling and walls that have seen better days, here’s the perfect solution without having to do a major renovation.

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Workman working on a feature ceiling

Here are 5 creative ways to use a bulkhead in your home

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Plasterboard Ceilings & Walls

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