Sliding Door Repairs

Graeme Finlayson from Best Sliding Door Doctor - Sliding Door Repairs
Graeme is your local, sliding door expert

Best Sliding Door Doctor

Graeme Finlayson is a licensed, specialist sliding door repairer with 30 years’ experience. He prides himself on quality workmanship and value for money. No job is too small, so give him a call to get your doors gliding again!

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Graeme Finlayson from Best Sliding Door Doctor - Sliding Door Repairs

Your local, sliding door expert 

Graeme will solve all your sliding door problems

Graeme is a licensed specialist repairer with 30 year's experience. He prides himself on his honest advice and high-quality workmanship. He is neat, tidy and offers a prompt and friendly service which is always value for money. 

Local business

Best Sliding Door Doctor is locally owned and operated and will deal with frustrating sliding doors which won't slide or open properly. Graeme offers repairs and maintenance for any type of sliding door including rollers and tracks. No job is too small, so give him a call and they'll get those doors gliding gracefully again!

Graeme can help you with:

  • Sliding glass door repairs & servicing
  • Sliding screen door repairs & servicing
  • Door closers and pool safety
  • 12-month warranty
  • Fly screen mesh replacement
  • All makes
  • Value-for-money

Don't replace it, let the doctor repair it!

Graeme prides himself on providing a top-quality service for local residents. You might think that you need to replace your sliding door, but let Graeme take a look at it first. He can fix all sorts of problems, and it will be a fraction of the price of a new sliding door. 

Common sliding door problems

When a sliding door is working efficiently, you should be able to open and close it easily with one hand. If you're having to wrestle it open or closed with all your strength, then you have a problem!

This could include:

  • Dirty or broken rollers
  • Rusty rollers
  • Rollers out of alignment
  • Bent tracks
  • Frame & hardware problems
  • Tracks that have accumulated dirt & debris
  • Leave it to the experts

Graeme will diagnose the issue and discuss the solution with you.

Don't DIY! 

You might think about having a go at repairing your sliding door yourself, but that's not such a good idea. Sliding doors can be very heavy to remove and tricky to put back.  If you don't know what you're doing, you could turn a poorly functioning sliding door into one that doesn't work at all.

Safety first

A sliding door that isn't working properly isn't going to be very secure. Intruders could get in, or small children and pets could get out when you don't want them to. Graeme will take away the stress and frustration of a badly functioning sliding door, making it work smoothly again, keeping you and your family safe and sound in your home.

Young boy closing sliding glass door

You shouldn’t need weight training to open your sliding door! If it’s taking more than a gentle push to glide open – you are seriously in need of some help!

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Sliding door track

Sliding doors are great when they’re running smoothly. But if they get worn or damaged, not only are they difficult to open, they can also make your home less secure.

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Sliding Door Repairs

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