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Ryan from Roof Restorers Perth - Tiled Roof Restoration & Repairs
Call Ryan and his small team for high-quality workmanship

Roof Restorers Perth

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Ryan and the small team from Roof Restorers Perth are you local tiled roof restoration and repair professionals. This family owned and operated business focuses on high-quality workmanship, customer service and competitive prices.

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Ryan from Roof Restorers Perth - Tiled Roof Restoration & Repairs

Restore your old tiled roof

Small family-owned business

Ryan from Roof Restorers Perth has been in the industry since 2006. His small, family-owned business focuses on customer service and high-quality workmanship. Ryan and his small team can help you with all your tiled roof requirements from repairs and maintenance, to a complete roof restoration, always at a competitive price.

Protect your investment

Your roof is a major part of your home, but often gets neglected. After about 15 years, a tiled roof will start to show wear and tear. Tiles become covered in moss and dirt, and ridge capping can crumble, causing leaks and damage to the interior of your home. Whether your roof needs small repairs, or a complete restoration, Ryan will make sure your roof does its job properly, protecting you, your family and property from the elements.

Affordable and long lasting

A typical roof restoration takes 2-3 days and is the affordable way to make your roof look like new. The experienced team uses high quality materials and specialises in high-quality Dulux roof coatings for all types of tiles. They will ensure the job is done right first time and will leave your property clean and tidy when the job is finished.

Tiled roof repairs

If you have noticed stains appearing on your ceiling, you may have a leaking roof. Leaks can be caused by broken tiles or ridge capping, or general wear and tear, but if it isn't fixed promptly, it can cause serious internal damage. Ryan and his team will assess the condition of your roof and fix the problem.

Roof repairs can include:

  • Replacement of broken tiles
  • Ridge capping is repaired/repointed using flexible compound
  • Valley irons are relipped or replaced if required

Add value to your home

A tired-looking old tiled roof can actually bring down the value of your home. On the other hand, a fully restored roof will change the look of your home completely, making it the envy of the street – and it won’t cost the earth. A typical tiled roof restoration takes 2-3 days, will look great and add value to your home. Customers love their roof transformation and the great job that Ryan and the team does throughout the process. 

The full tiled roof restoration process

When the experienced team at Roof Restorers Perth carry out a full tiled roof restoration, they will:

  • Replace all badly chipped & broken tiles
  • Replace all broken ridge/hip caps
  • Re-bed ridge/hip caps as required
  • Re-point all ridge/hip caps using flexible pointing compound
  • Check & re-lip valleys and flashing
  • Source & repair known existing leaks
  • Clean up & remove waste from the work area
  • Pressure clean roof with 4000 PSI to remove all moss, dirt etc.
  • Flush out gutters
  • Apply sealer to entire roof using a speciality sealer/primer depending on the specific conditions of the roof
  • Apply coating of 100% acrylic undercoat to entire roof
  • Apply coating of 100% acrylic topcoat to entire roof
  • Clean & remove waste from work area
Broken roof tile

Keeping an eye on our roofs is probably something we don’t do on a regular basis, but with all the rain and storms we’ve been having it is important to check for signs of damage to tiles and ridge capping to prevent leaks in your home.

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Terracotta tiled roof

Ridge capping may sound boring, but it's an essential part of your tiled roof! Here's why it's important and what can go wrong.

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Grey tiled roof

Don't wait for a leak before you check your roof!

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Tiled Roof Restoration & Repairs

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