Have you looked at your tiled roof lately?

Keeping an eye on our roofs is probably something we don’t do on a regular basis, but with all the rain and storms we’ve been having it is important to check for signs of damage to tiles and ridge capping to prevent leaks in your home.

July 8, 2021

Common causes of roof leaks include:  

  • Broken or cracked roof tiles  
  • Loose roof tiles  
  • Cracked or broken pointing & ridge capping  

Take a look at your roof (from ground level!) to see if there is any obvious damage. If you don’t spot anything, check inside your home.  

What does a roof leak look like?

A leaking roof doesn’t always mean water streaming down your walls or dripping through the ceiling.  

  • Look out for the appearance of damp spots or small patches of mould. If you happen to notice mould or damp spots on your ceiling outside of wet areas like the bathroom or laundry, this could be a sign your roof has a leak.  
  • A water stain may look like a large puddle on the ceiling, often ringed with brown. However, some smaller stains could also be a sign of a much larger roof leak.  
  • Roof leaks create conditions for mould and mildew to develop in your living spaces and can lead to potential health problems.  
  • A saturated ceiling can also be costly to repair and can even collapse.  

If you suspect you have a roof leak, call your local professional to check it out before it does any serious damage.