Stop the sun from invading your home!

If you think of your home as a fortress and the sun an army of invaders, the best place to stop them is before they get inside! Here are 4 benefits of fitting outdoor blinds to your home.

November 10, 2022

While we are all looking forward to a bit of warmer weather, too much sun can play havoc with the temperature inside your home. This is where high-quality outdoor blinds come in; they are like the sentry at the gates and can help to keep your home cool on hot summer days.

  1. External blinds add an extra layer of insulation to your home keeping it cooler in summer (and warmer in winter).
  1. Fabrics used to make outdoor window blinds are denser and more effective than indoor blinds at stopping the heat.
  1. Outdoor window blinds can be operated manually or remote control – making them easy for everyone to use.  
  1. They can help to cut down your energy bills - if your home is cooler, your air-conditioner doesn't have to work so hard.

It's always best to have your outdoor blinds made to measure and professionally installed so they fit perfectly and can do their job properly.

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