What little pests are hiding in your sofa?

When you flop onto your lovely, comfy sofa at the end of the day – you may not be alone. If you’ve never had your sofa professionally cleaned – you could be sharing it with unwanted guests!

May 12, 2022

Dust mites

Dust mites feed off your dead skin and can live for up to 90 days – then they decompose and can cause dust mite allergies including sneezing and red, itchy skin.  

Carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are usually found in carpets (obviously) but also love to spend time in cushions and upholstery.


A 2013 study discovered that the average family sofa had 12 times the number of bacteria than a typical toilet seat. Yuk! If you, your family, and your pets like to spend time on the sofa, the chances are high that it’s harbouring bacteria and viruses from bits of food, sweat, and other fluids.  

Bed bugs

Bed bugs also like a change of scenery now and again, and out of all the household pests that might take refuge in your sofa, bed bugs are one of the worst. These little parasites need blood to grow, and you’re the one providing it!  


If you like to snack while watching TV (don’t we all?) you could also end with ants and cockroaches sharing your space!

A regular, professional clean will make sure your sofa stays clean and healthy.

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