Woman applying hand cream

11 ways to be kind to your hands

Our poor old hands have had a bit of a rough time of it over the past year – constantly being washed, sanitised and thrust into gloves for protection. Here are 11 things you can do to give your hands a bit of well-deserved TLC.

May 13, 2021
Woman applying hand cream

  1. Wash with warm – not hot – water.
  1. Avoid harsh and highly perfumed soap.
  1. Try a liquid, non-soap cleanser.
  1. Rinse hands well and dry by patting or blotting gently. Don't rub.
  1. Apply moisturiser regularly, particularly after washing, to keep them soft and smooth.
  1. Avoid strong fragrances in products as they may cause irritation.  
  1. Protect your hands from harsh cleaners by wearing rubber gloves when cleaning the house. Use an inexpensive pair of cotton gloves as a liner to prevent sweating and itching.
  1. Wear gloves when gardening to protect your hands and nails.
  1. Apply sunscreen to your hands all year round, whenever you’re outdoors. This is particularly important for the back of your hands.
  1. In cold weather, wear gloves to prevent your hands from getting dry and cracked.
  1. Treat your hands and nails to a professional manicure and a hand massage. It’s a great way to keep your hands and nails healthy and a relaxing way to de-stress.  

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