Grilled chicken and salad wrap on a plate

13 healthier takeaway lunch swaps

You don’t have to give up your takeaway lunches completely to be healthier. A few simple swaps can make a difference.

April 22, 2021
Grilled chicken and salad wrap on a plate

Takeaway swaps

  1. If you’re going for pasta – avoid the creamy sauces and opt for tomato-based sauces instead.
  1. Try a Thai beef salad instead of Pad Thai noodles.
  1. If you fancy something with rice, choose steamed rice over fried rice or Japanese sushi rolls with salmon, tuna, plain chicken, veggies, tofu and avocado. Skip the fried chicken, beef and tempura prawn varieties.
  1. Fresh rice paper rolls are a delicious option in place of deep-fried spring rolls. Or try steamed vegetable dumplings instead of deep dried wontons.
  1. Order a burrito bowl without all the extras such as cheese and sour cream.
  1. Enjoy a grilled chicken sandwich rather than a crumbed crispy chicken burger.
  1. Get your potato fix with a baked potato instead of hot chips.
  1. Skip the creamy dressings on a salad and go for a vinegar-based dressing instead.  
  1. Choose a soft-shell taco rather than a fried hard-shell taco.  
  1. Try a sparkling water rather than a soft drink.  
  1. Have a regular coffee with skimmed milk rather than iced coffee.
  1. Add salad to your usual lunch sandwich or roll.
  1. Create your own salad or sandwich bar culinary masterpiece with loads of salads and lean meat on wholegrain bread.


  • Stick with the basics and avoid adding extra toppings.
  • Opt for grilled, steamed, pan-fried, braised, poached, baked, roasted or grilled over fried, battered or crumbed choices.
  • Always add extra vegetables or a side salad.
  • Go light on the sauces or ask for them to come separately so you can control the amount added.
  • Select wholegrains when you can.
  • Listen to your body and stop eating when you are full.

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