5 car noises and what they could mean

5 car noises and what they could mean

All cars make noise of some kind, but how do you know when that noise is something you should get checked out?

February 4, 2021
Mechanic looking under a car hood


f you hear a clunking or creaking sound while turning the car, it could be broken or worn-out CV joints. If they are severely worn, they can even disintegrate while you are driving making you unable to drive your car, or even lose control.


If you can hear a loud squealing sound when braking, it’s a warning sign that new brake pads are needed, or at the very least require inspection to make sure they are safe.


If you hear a grinding noise when braking, it means that metal is rubbing against metal and it’s likely that the brake pads have been worn down completely.


Hissing usually means that something is leaking in the engine and hissing as the liquid in question falls on hot engine parts. This can include coolant, oil or transmission fluid.


A ticking coming from under the bonnet can mean that the engine is low on oil, so check your oil levels.

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