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5 ways to remove bathroom soap scum

You can’t avoid soap scum in your bathroom (unless you ban everyone from using soap and water – not advisable, especially with teenagers!). But here are 5 ways you can remove it using ingredients you may already have around your home.

March 18, 2021

For all methods, wear gloves, use non-scratch cloths, sponges or scourers and rub or scrub in a circular motion (which seems to be more effective on soap scum). Repeat if necessary.

1.     Orange oil

        Apply in a circular motion and wipe away with a soft cloth.

2.     Sodium bicarbonate

        This method works for horizontal surfaces such as the bottom of baths and shower floors. Sprinkle the sodium bicarb on the soap scum with a touch         of water. Scrub and rinse.

3.     Laundry stain remover

        Spray onto the soap scum. Leave for 15 minutes. Scrub and rinse.

4.     Laundry detergent

        Make a 50/50 paste of laundry powder and water. Work the paste into the soap scum and leave on for 15 minutes. Scrub and rinse.

5.     Dishwasher tablet

        Dip the dishwasher tablet into warm water and then rub into the soap scum and rinse.

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