Little boy sucking on yoghurt pouch

7 unusual items you can REDcycle

Lots of people are doing their bit for the environment by recycling their soft plastics via REDcycle at their local shopping centres. But the list of things you can REDcycle is longer than you may think.

January 28, 2021
Little boy sucking on yoghurt pouch

7 unusual items you can recycle with your soft plastics  

  1. Silver-lined chocolate, chip and snack wrappers. The silver part often causes confusion here, but those wrappers are okay to go in with your soft plastics.
  1. Snap lock and zip lock bags – any plastic packaging with snap top locks are fine to REDcyle.  
  1. Potting mix and compost bags - bags which have contained potting mix and compost can be recycled. Just make sure they are no bigger than an A3 sheet of paper before you pop them in the bin. However, fertiliser bags should always be placed in your general waste kerbside bin when empty, as these may be contaminated with the chemicals they have been holding.
  1. Produce stickers – those small, annoying stickers you find on fresh produce can also be recycled. Just stick them to a bigger piece of soft plastic before putting it in the REDcycle bin.  
  1. Pet food bags – wet food pouches will need a quick rinse and the dog food bag will needs to be a maximum of A3 size.
  1. Squeezy pouches with lids on! Your yoghurt and baby food pouches are another scrunchable plastic that can be REDcycled. Just squeeze out as much of the remaining contents as possible and screw the lid back on.  
  1. Netting produce bags (such as onion bags) – these are made from plastic. Just cut the metal parts off first.  

9 items to KEEP OUT of REDcycle bins


Biodegradable or compostable plastics

Any rigid plastic such as meat trays, biscuit trays or strawberry punnets

Plastic or PVC blow up pool toys

Disposable gloves

Plastic straws

Ribbons or bows

Foam or polystyrene of any kind (including flexible foam)

Coffee bean/ground coffee bags

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