Boarding tips for your best friend

Boarding your dog when you go away can seem daunting the first time. But a little preparation can help keep reduce any unnecessary stress on you and your dog.

August 19, 2021
  • Visit your chosen kennels before you go away. Take your dog along to have a look and consider boarding them for a couple of days as a trial, so they can get used to the surroundings.  

  • Ask as many questions as you need to – you must be comfortable and confident about leaving your dog.  For example, ask if exercise is included in a standard stay, especially if your dog is young and active, or requires a lot of exercise.

  • Consider dropping your dog off to the kennels a couple of days before you are due to go away. This way you can pack your things without your dog becoming anxious or stressed. They always know when something is happening! It will also give you time to address any initial problems that pop up.

  • Make sure that their vaccinations are current and in line with the boarding kennels’ requirements; also make sure that flea and worming treatments are up to date. You will probably need to show proof when you check in.

  • If your dog is on medication, it’s important to supply it in a clearly labelled container and provide detailed instructions.  

  • Some dogs also like the comfort of their own bed or toys, so you can take them with you, to help them settle in.  

  • Give yourself plenty of time when you drop off your dog at the kennels, as being in a rush can add to the stress for everyone!  

  • Try not to become emotional when you leave your dog as they can pick up on this. A quick ‘see you later’ is best.

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