Should you buy or hire that new power tool?

Here are 4 things you should take into consideration when deciding whether to hire or buy that expensive power tool.

April 21, 2022

How often will you use it?

If you will use a particular power tool regularly then it might be cost-effective to buy. However, if you will only need it once or twice, then hiring may be a better choice. A good way to decide is to work out a cost per use. Divide the purchase price and by the number of times you think you will use it.  

Storage and maintenance

When you buy a power tool you need to keep up with the maintenance to make sure it stays in good condition, and it needs to be stored properly. If not, it could deteriorate and you’re back to square one (plus, you’ve wasted your money). When you hire, you can rest assured the equipment has been properly maintained and safety checked.  

Higher quality equipment

Is it better to own a cheaper piece of power equipment, or hire something that is of better quality?  If you buy something less expensive, it might not do the job properly and could end up sitting in your shed unused and unloved! By hiring high-quality power equipment, it will be easier (and faster) to complete the task.

Try before you buy

Before committing to buying any expensive equipment, why not consider test driving it first? You can hire a particular product to see if it is right for you and buy it further down the track if you think you will use it regularly.