Deep drawer kitchen storage - everything neat and easy to reach!

No more rummaging around at the back of your cupboards!

June 2, 2022

If you’re fed up of having to rummage around in your cupboards to see what’s lurking at the back, try adding deep drawers in place of some of the base cabinets. A typical lower cabinet is 560mm deep, which means it's easy to lose or forget about something right at the back. This can also mean you have to practically unpack the cupboard to find what you're looking for!

Deep drawers will solve these problems allowing easy access to all the contents.

In place of base cabinets, they offer maximum use of space

Deep drawers make it much easier to stack plates, bowls, pans and lids, providing a neat and orderly set up. This means you’ll be able to fit more things into the same amount of space as a base cabinet.

A great way to get find what you’re looking for

You can pull the drawers out all the way, so you can see everything inside.

No piling dishes or pans precariously on top of one another and no items getting lost or forgotten in the back of a dark shelf.

A modern look for your kitchen

Having a set of deep drawers below the benchtop makes for a stylish, updated look. Opting for drawers in place of base cabinets also helps break up the line of cupboard doors.

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