4 fabrics you should always dry clean

A clothing label doesn’t have to say ‘dry clean only’ to benefit from being dry cleaned. If your favourite clothes are made from certain fabrics, have them dry cleaned and they’ll hold their colour and last much longer.

February 17, 2022


Wool fabric can be as durable as silk, unless you put it in water, which can cause it to shrink. Dry cleaning helps you avoid this risk, and your wool clothing won’t be pulled out of shape by being hung on a washing line.


Linen is quite strong, absorbent, and compared to cotton, it dries faster. Linen can certainly be hand washed and air dried (no tumble driers or it will shrink) but it will require ironing (lots and lots of ironing!) from a hot iron, which can also leave scorch marks if you’re not careful. Dry cleaning is the perfect solution for this fabric!


This fabric is semi-synthetic and made from purified cellulose fibres with dye. If washed in warm water, the colour can bleed, and it can shrink. Rayon can be hand washed in cold water using a mild detergent but can still lose its shape so dry cleaning is the safest option.


In the past, silk was used to make parachutes, so it’s obviously sturdy, but because of its strong fibres it can’t completely absorb they dyes used to produce its colour. Dry cleaning is the safest way to make sure you can retain the deep colours of your favourite silk clothes.

Ultimately it will depend on how much your item of clothing cost in the first place. If you have invested in a quality item that you love, caring for it properly is important so it can last for years.

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