Household items you might not know can be washed in your washing machine!

Are you making the most of your washing machine? It’s much more versatile than you may think. Here are some common household items you can throw in and let it do the work for you.

March 3, 2022

In most cases, it’s best to put items into a mesh bag with a zip and cold wash them with your usual detergent, along with a couple of towels - then line/air dry.

  • Shoes: Cotton, canvas, polyester, and nylon shoes (such as runners or sneakers) can be washed in your washing machine. Clean off any excess dirt and remove the laces.  
  • Backpacks: Turn the backpack inside out and unzip all the pockets.  
  • Baseball hats: Wash baseball caps with cold water on a delicate cycle.
  • Small toys: Machine washing is great for plastic and silicone toys – especially Lego-style blocks where dirt can get into the small holes. Wash on a warm cycle.
  • Pet collars and leads: Nylon collars and leads can be washed but the washing machine isn’t suitable for leather.
  • Mop heads: Mop heads and sponges should be washed on a regular basis, otherwise you are just moving the dirt around! You can use hot water for these.
  • Bath and kitchen sponges: Use hot or warm water.  
  • Stuffed toys: Use gentle setting for these. Don’t machine wash if they have anything glued on (such as eyes) or if they have polystyrene beads. Also don’t machine wash if the toy is old or very well loved, otherwise it may not end well!  
  • Pillows: Bed pillows gather dust, dead skin cells and dust mites. Wash them individually with your regular detergent on a warm or hot setting. This works with both feather and synthetic pillows.
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