How to save old tyres from going to landfill

Tyres. We don’t give them much thought (unless we have a flat one!) and we wouldn’t get far without them (literally). But what happens when they reach the end of their life?

February 10, 2022

Each year in Australia, around 48 million tyres reach the end of their life. From 2019-2020, 28 per cent of these were dumped, buried, stockpiled, or sent to landfill. That’s 127,000 tonnes of materials that could have been repurposed. 

This is a waste of resources and creates health and environmental issues.  

  • Each passenger car tyre contains approximately 1.5kg of steel, 0.5kg of textiles and 7 kg of rubber which could be reclaimed and go on to make more products.
  • Stockpiles of tyres present a fire danger, and if burnt, can release toxic gases. These stockpiles are a further health risk, as they provide ideal breeding habitats for mosquitoes and vermin.

Old tyres are a valuable resource, but only if they are recycled properly. The good news is, we can all make sure our used tyres are dealt with responsibly.  

Tyre Stewardship Australia

Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) is a voluntary industry funded scheme. It aims to increase both the number of tyres recycled in Australia and the use of products made with recycled material. Tyre industry participants who gain TSA accreditation must commit to playing their part in sustainable end-of-life use for tyres.

What happens to my old tyres?

When you use a responsible tyre retailer, your old tyres will be collected by a trusted recycler to be either reused (after re-treading or repair) or processed for new products.  

Why recycling old tyres is a good thing

Recovering the materials from tyres lessens the strain on our natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by diminishing the demand for new materials. 

There is a wide range of usages for end-of-life tyres and tyre-derived products, such as:  

  • New rubber products such as soft fall surfaces, athletics tracks & artificial turf
  • Industrial & commercial flooring
  • Road construction & surfacing such as rubber asphalt mix & safety road barriers
  • Fuels for energy recover
  • Brake pads & other rubber products

TSA Accredited Tyre Retailer

Finding a responsible retailer is easy. All you have to do is search TSA Accredited Tyre Retailers  

to find one near you. The retailers listed in the directory are following the sustainability guidelines for the management of tyres at their end of life set by TSA and contribute to the ongoing success of the tyre recycling program.

TSA Accredited Tyre Retailers

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