Give your kids a break from screens

The average Australian home has around 7 screens, which includes TVs, computers, and portable devices; so, it’s no wonder that it’s difficult to drag your kids away from screens without a battle.

March 31, 2022

First – limit your own screen time

You are the biggest role model for your kids, so if you don’t give yourself a break from screens, they won’t.  

Walk and talk

TV shows and games can overstimulate the brain, so get the kids outdoors. By spending time outside, it will give their brains a rest. You can walk to the local park, or just around your local streets and have a chat.

Pick up a book

There are fabulous children’s books available and something for every age group. This will spark their imagination, improve their speaking skills, comprehension, and logical thinking. If your kids are a bit older, you could even start a family book club.

Get active

Find a sport your child loves doing and enrol them – while they are engaged in sports, they aren’t even thinking about screens. This also gives kids opportunities to make new friends and helps to build social skills. And moving our bodies releases endorphins – also known as ‘happy hormones’.

You could also get active as a family:

  • Go for a bike ride or play basketball
  • Try some yoga
  • Create an obstacle course or scavenger hunt (inside or out)
  • Put on your favourite playlist and dance
  • Plant some flowers or veggies and encourage the kids to look after them

It’s okay to be bored!

Teach your kids to be bored. Boredom helps stimulate the creative processes in the brain so encourage your kids come up with something to entertain themselves rather than use screens.

Bring out the board games

Drag out the good old board games – the kids will love it (and so will the adults!).  

Try something new

Teach your kids a new skill (or learn something new together) such as knitting or sewing.

Make tech work for you

Ironically, there are programs and apps that you can set to turn off screens after a certain amount of time!

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