How to recycle old CDs and DVDs

With the explosion of streaming services, you may have lots of old CDs and DVDs cluttering up your house. They are unlikely to make the nostalgic comeback that we have seen with vinyl records, so here’s what you can do with them, rather than sending them to landfill.

March 10, 2022

Give CDs and DVDs a second life

When getting rid of anything, the best choice is to give them a second life if you can. You may not have any use for the items anymore but someone else might love them.

Charity shops

If your items are in good condition, take them to a charity shop so someone else can enjoy them (especially small children who like to watch the same DVDs over and over and over …).

Buy Nothing groups

Find out if there is a local Buy Nothing group in your community. These are Facebook groups which offer items for free to locals who would like them.  

Buy Nothing groups


REmida is a creative reuse centre that collects unwanted and left-over items that can be used for community-based education and arts activities. They will take used CDs and DVDs (discs only – no cases). Email them first at to check that they are still collecting the items you want to donate.  

Your local primary school

Ask at your local school if they would like any old CDs or DVDs for craft projects.

Recycle for free

All types and formats of CDs and DVDs can be recycled to recover valuable resources such as polycarbonate (a type of plastic) and aluminium for reuse in the manufacture of other products. Disc recycling processes can recover about 98% of the original disc as reusable material – which is pretty awesome.

Perth City Farm

Perth City Farm has a community recycling hub that will take CDs and DVDs (discs only – no cases).  


You can drop your CDs and DVDs (discs only – no cases) at Officeworks in their e-waste recycling bin.  

Reduce Reuse Recycle