Where to recycle your takeaway coffee cup

Australians love their coffee, but it comes at a cost (on top of the $5.00 you pay for a takeaway). We can’t recycle the cups in the council recycling bin so over one billion takeaway coffee cups end up in landfill each year – but there is a recycling option.

March 24, 2022

7-Eleven have partnered with Simply Cups to recycle your takeaway coffee cups at selected 7-Eleven stores. You simply take your empty cup to a selected store and put it in the recycling station. They will take any size or brand of cup, and they don’t even have to be clean. Just make sure you tip out excess liquid before putting them into the collection tubes.

The most efficient way to recycle your takeaway cups is to stack and save them until you have a few to recycle (unless you live really close to a 7-Eleven!). You could even join with friends and family to collect and take it in turns to recycle them once a month or so (this might also make you realise just how many of these cups you are using!)

Schools and businesses can also request a Simply Cups/7-Eleven recycling station.  

The best way to help our environment is to avoid single use items in the first place and take your own reusable coffee cup (although this won’t always be practical, especially in an emergency coffee situation!), but if you so if you do get a takeaway coffee in a single use cup, make sure you recycle it via 7-Eleven.  

To find out your nearest recycling station go to coffee cup recycling

Source: https://www.7eleven.com.au

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