How to revive your dry lawn after a long hot summer

If your lawn is looking a bit sad after the record summer temperatures, or is the victim of a faulty sprinkler, here’s what you can do to bring it back to life.

March 31, 2022

Give it a drink!

Keeping within water restrictions, make sure your grass is hydrated. This is just until we get some rain, which hopefully isn’t too far away!

Remove weeds and dead grass

If your grass is trying to compete with weeds, it might not end well! Grass can get smothered if there are too many. Remove as many weeds as you can, then rake to remove any dead grass or debris, along with any dead patches of lawn.

Give it some air

Just like us, your lawn needs to be able to breathe, so aerate it using a specific tool, or garden fork (make sure there is no reticulation hiding underneath the lawn before you start, or you’ll be creating your very own underground drip system!).


Sprinkle new grass seed onto any bare patches or areas that need to be revitalised. Autumn is a great time to do this as the weather is cooler. Follow the instructions on the lawn seed container.  

Top dress and mow

Top dressing is a quick and natural way to give your lawn a surge of nutrients. Trim your lawn with a mower but adjust a bit higher to avoid cutting your grass too short and exposing the soil. Then, spread about 1cm of top dressing over the lawn, leaving the tips of the grass exposed, and level with a rake. Autumn is the best time to top dress your lawn.