Time Saving Hacks

Slash the time you spend at the supermarket

According to statistics, the average shopping trip takes 41 minutes. If you shop once a week, that's over 35 hours a year - (almost a full-time, working week!) and that doesn't count emergency trips when you run out of milk or a vital ingredient.

February 27, 2024

Become a grocery ninja!

If you shop at the same place every week, you'll know the layout well. If you don't - getting to know it will save time. This way you can write your shopping list (also essential!) grouping together things in the same aisle. You are less likely to forget something and can avoid the aisles where you don't need anything. And if you make a menu of meals for the week, you'll also avoid wandering aimlessly around the supermarket trying to decide what to cook (saving even more time!).

Start with non-perishable items – that way, you won’t have items that can spoil easily (especially in hot weather) sitting in your trolley for too long.

Stick to your list

Impulse buys not only add time to your shopping trip but also inflate your spending. Resist the temptation to wander off into the aisles of things you don't really need. Keep your eye on the prize - that extra time you'll gain —all because you zipped through your grocery list in record time!

Go solo

If possible, shop alone. Bringing kids or a partner can sometimes mean more distractions and more time. Focus is key here—you're on a mission, and every minute counts!

Buy in bulk

Buy non-perishable items in bulk. This will cut down your weekly shopping time as you only need to do this every month or so (depending on what your storage situation is!) - although there are some things you should avoid buying in bulk.

Limit your options

Don't get bogged down by too many choices. If you've found a brand of pasta or cereal you love, stick with it. Too much comparison shopping can eat up your time. Trust your favourites and move on.

Online shopping/click and collect

Online shopping for groceries is a great time saver. There won't be any distractions, you can buy only what you need, and it will get delivered. If you're not a fan of home deliveries, then you could try the 'click and collect' option. Your shopping will be delivered to the boot of your car in the shopping centre car park, at a time that suits you. This is especially good for heavy or bulky items. If you prefer to choose your own fresh fruit and veggies – just order the bulky/heavy stuff online and buy the fresh stuff as you need it.

Create a never ending shopping list

Keep a shopping list on your phone and add to it as soon as you run out of something at home - and delete it once you've bought more. This will reduce the emergency trips to pick up milk, cheese, or mayonnaise!

Timing is everything

Choose your shopping time wisely. Early mornings or late evenings tend to be less crowded. And avoid weekends completely if you can. Shopping when the store is quieter means you're not waiting in long lines or navigating through a sea of people. At peak times you can spend as much time waiting for a checkout as you do shopping. It's all about in and out, just like that grocery ninja you're aiming for!

Don't shop!

Look at your pantry, fridge and freezer and you may find you don't even need to shop this week. Use up what you have instead!

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