Essential tips for looking after your clothes

We live in a throw away world, but if you choose your clothes carefully and look after them, you'll be doing your wallet and the environment a favour! Here are some tips for making your clothes last.

October 6, 2023
  • Let your clothes breathe. Garment bags can protect your clothes against dirt, dust and insects - but make sure the bags are breathable otherwise mould can grow and your clothes can start to smell.

  • Never rub stains; blot them or you could make it worse!

  • Don't iron stained or soiled clothes - this will make whatever is on your clothes harder to remove.

  • Make sure all clothes are clean before storing them away at the end of a season.  

  • Protect your garments from prolonged exposure to sunlight or strong artificial lights.

  • Clean all matching pieces of an outfit together.

  • Always hang leather garments on padded hangers to help keep their shape.

  • Spray perfume and hairspray before you get dressed. The alcohol in the spray can fade, discolour, or stain your clothes.

  • Carefully fold your sweaters. Don't hang them or they can be pulled out of shape and start to resemble an old sack! 

  • Always read the care label on your clothes - it's there for a reason!  

  • Even if it's a special occasion garment that you wear only once or twice a year, have it dry cleaned before putting it back in your closet.

  • Dry cleaning can extend the life of a garment by reducing the wear and tear from a regular washing machine.

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