Give your old sofa a facelift

Is your sofa like an old friend where you relax at the end of a busy day and has stuck by you through thick and thin? Is it looking at bit the worse for wear? You don’t have to replace it – reupholster instead.

April 14, 2022

Let’s face it, buying furniture can be an overwhelming task, especially if you’re trying to replace an old favourite which has seen better days or no longer matches the style of your home. But there is one thing that people often forget – buying new furniture isn’t the only option!  

Here are 7 great reasons to give your sofa a face lift:

  1. It allows you to hang on to a sofa that has sentimental value.  
  1. You love the shape and style but fancy a change of colour or pattern.  
  1. You could spend a few hundred dollars on a mass-produced item that will only last a couple of years or invest that money on a piece that will last much longer.
  1. It is the environmentally friendly way to update the look of your room as you are saving your sofa from going to landfill; reupholstery offers a great way to get brand new looking furniture without having a negative effect on the environment. 
  1. New stuffing will make it feel like a whole new sofa!
  1. You have control over the quality of the fabric that is used.
  1. You can create a custom look for your home that isn’t available with mass produced sofas.

Have a chat with your local reupholstery business to find out how you can bring your sofa back to life.