Why your child needs professional driving lessons

Be honest, if you had to take your driving test again tomorrow, would you pass? And do you know if the road rules are even the same as when you learned to drive? Here’s why your child needs some professional driving lessons.

February 24, 2022

Benefits of using a qualified and experienced driving instructor:

  1. It’s their job, day in day out. They haven’t spent a full day at work and then have to jump in the car and teach their kids how to drive safely on the road.
  2. They are calm, controlled and have seen everything!
  3. Dual controls! They can stop the car or prevent it from stalling with separate controls to the driver.
  4. Teenagers already think that their parents know nothing!Your child is more likely to listen to a professional driving instructor!
  5. Teaching your own child to drive can be a challenge for even the calmest of people.
  6. You may teach them bad habits that you have picked up over the years.
  7. The driving instructor knows the examination process and what is needed to be successful.
  8. You may well be a good driver, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a good teacher.
  9. Different people have different ways of learning. You may have taught one child to drive successfully but it doesn’t mean this will happen next time. A professional driving instructor will customise driving lessons to match different learning abilities.
  10. A qualified instructor will ensure your child learns the most current road rules and is ready for the practical driving assessment.