Time Saving Hacks

Time saving tips for Xmas gift shopping that even Santa would love!

Ready or not, Christmas is just around the corner. If you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet, don't panic, here are some clever ideas to save you a bit of time.

November 17, 2023

Agree on gifting with your family and friends

Everyone is different, so decide with your family (and even friends) what you will do when it comes to gift giving this festive season.

For example, you could decide to pull names out of a hat, so everyone buys just one gift (great if you have a big family); or you could put a cost limit on each gift.

Whatever you decide, knowing that everyone is doing the same thing will make the process much less stressful.

Be prepared!

A little time invested in planning your Christmas gift shopping list will pay off. Make a list and stick to it. Group items together that you can buy at the same shop or find a map online of your local shopping centre and plan out the route to save even more time.

Click and collect

Shop online from the comfort of your sofa without the stress of waiting for parcels to arrive from overseas or another state. The store will let you know when your item is ready for pick up, you'll avoid the crowds and be in and out of the shopping centre in no time at all.

Buy more than one

Buy the same present, or type of present for groups of friends or family. For example, if you know your friends love candles or bubble bath, buy similar presents for everyone. Much less shopping time required!

Homemade gifts

While this will take some of your time, if you devote a day to making things, it will still be a lot faster and less stressful than braving the Christmas crowds. You could frame a family photo (or a photo of a much-loved pet) or make Christmas cakes, shortbread or jam for everyone. Take a look at our edible gift ideas - there's sure to be something for everyone!

Gifts of time

This option is also great ifyou've left your Christmas Shopping to the last minute. Make some vouchers for things such as gardening, babysitting, dog walking or treating a family member or friend to lunch.

Group pressies

Give a family gift rather than individual gifts - it could be a voucher to a favourite restaurant, movie tickets or a day out somewhere you know they would enjoy.

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