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Phill is your local computer expert and can solve all your computer problems at your home, office or in the Willetton workshop. He can also offer helpful advice on new computers, hardware and software and set it all up for you if required.

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Phill from DGC Services - Computer Services

A Special Message about COVID-19 from Phill your local neighbourhood Computer Services expert.


The safety and well-being of customers is our priority and we’d like to let you know about the protective measures we're taking  during these challenging times.


  • We intend to keep our business open and will be operating as usual during this vital period of social distancing.
  • We have been briefed on the symptoms of COVID-19, and everybody who works with us is under strict instructions to stay at home at the first sign of any respiratory illness or fever.
  • We will wash/sanitise our hands thoroughly before and after visiting anyone’s home. We will also wear a new pair of disposable gloves for the entire visit.
  • We accept contactless payments.
  • We have not recently travelled overseas or knowingly had contact with an infected person. In the unlikely event of exposure, we will obviously stay home and self-isolate in line with the latest government rules.
  • When booking an appointment we will ask you to confirm that you have not recently travelled overseas or knowingly come into contact with an infected person
  • We agree to adhere to the social distancing guidelines and refrain from shaking hands and keep at least 1.5m from others. We kindly ask that you do the same.
  • For the time being, we will have to respectfully decline appointments to homes under quarantine.


The team at DGC Services wishes you and your loved ones the very best of health. We’re all in this together, and together we’ll get through it.


Phill will fix all your computer problems

DGC Services are your local computer experts. They provide an onsite service at your home or business to fix all your computer problems. Phill will diagnose your problem and have your computer up and running in no time. He is also happy to offer advice about new computers, upgrades, and other hardware and software.

Here are a few reasons why DGC Services is the right choice.

  • Expertise
  • Urgency
  • Personal service
  • Account management
  • Flexibility
  • Add value
  • Industry knowledge
  • Industry intelligence

DGC Services will help you with:

  • Sales of new PCs and laptops
  • Upgrades of memory, hard drives, DVD burner/players, CPU, & motherboards
  • Removal of viruses and malware
  • Maintenance and clean up
  • Software problems
  • Data recovery and transfers
  • Set up new PCs and laptops
  • Setup ADSL, wireless or wired networks

 New PCs and laptops set up and ready to go

Opening the box and taking out your shiny new computer can be very exciting, but then comes the frustrating part – having to set it all up. This is where the excitement ends and you often feel like tearing your hair out.

The pain-free solution is to call Phill at DGC Services. He’ll have your new system set up and running in no time at all, including transferring information from old devices.

Viruses and malware removed

Although these days most computers have anti-virus software, hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to infect your computer with malware and spyware. Some corrupt data or delete files and some can gain access to your personal information. These are usually hidden in programs that are downloaded from the internet and can be tricky to get rid of, unless you know what you are doing.

Here are some of the signs that your computer might be infected:

  • Pop-up messages
  • Friends receive messages you didn’t send
  • Computer crashing
  • Computer freezing
  • Computer running slowly

If you try and remove viruses yourself, you could void your computer warranty, so call the professionals at DGC Services to check your computer and get any virus removal done right first time.

Give your computer a spring clean

Looking after your computer is a bit like looking after your car. Miss your annual service and your car won’t perform at its best. The same goes for your computer.

Phill can go through your computer and get rid of all the stuff it has accumulated over time, some of which you will never need. He can remove anything you don’t use, speeding up your computer in the process and preventing those annoying pop-ups.

He can also remove the dust from inside your computer, which can build up and restrict air flow, leading to overheating.

Secure your wireless networks

If your wireless network is unsecured, it can allow anyone within range to access your network or use your internet connection. They could use up your download allowance (possibly resulting in excess usage fees) read your emails, use your account to access illegal content or undertake criminal activities.

Phill can set up your wireless network at your home or business and make sure it is safe and secure from unauthorised users.

Help for small business owners

Some of the most common technology problems for small business are:

  • Integrating new technology with old systems
  • Backup and data recovery
  • Security
  • Lack of IT planning
  • Lack of computer maintenance
  • Computer problems slowing down productivity

Phill can help you with these problems and more. He can regularly maintain and service your computers to make sure your business is running smoothly at all times.

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These days most computers have anti-virus software, but hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to infect your computer with malware and spyware. Here are 6 signs your computer might be infected.

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Computer Services

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