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A sparkling clean oven - Ovenu South Perth - Oven Detailing
Call Luke to make your oven sparkle like new


Luke will clean and detail any oven including wall mounted and free standing styles so that they look like new. He uses safe, non-caustic cleaning products and also cleans hotplates, extractor hoods and barbecues.

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A sparkling clean oven - Ovenu South Perth - Oven Detailing

A Special Message about COVID-19 from Luke, your local neighbourhood oven cleaning & detailing expert.


To all of our clients

Please help us keep it 'business as usual'

  1. We are taking extra precautions every day in order to keep you and ourselves as safe as possible while trying to continue to run a successful business.
  2. We are following the health guidelines and washing our hands as much as possible, and where available, using additional sanitising hand gel.
  3. Clean towels and cloths will be used for each job (as always).
  4. We assure you that if we are feeling unwell in any way, we will call immediately to cancel your appointment and only re-book when we are feeling 100% better.
  5. Your oven and appliances will continue to be left in 'as close to new as possible condition' with shining shelves, gleaming glass and an immaculate interior.
  6. Please continue to book appointments, safe in the knowledge that we are doing our best to deliver the Ovenu service and experience that you expect.
  7. You can book in advance - there is no limit on how far in advance (no deposit required).
  8. Please call and cancel your appointment if you are feeling at all under the weather and we will happily reschedule your appointment.

These are tough times for all of us, but especially for small, local businesses. Please support all local businesses as we need to keep the economy flowing and the world spinning!

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding and please, take care.


Luke has also completed infection control training for COVID 19. Please see his certificate in the Gallery.


Do you hate cleaning your oven?

Luke from Ovenu will clean and detail your oven using a biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning method so your oven looks like new. He can clean all ovens including wall mounted, free standing and fan forced ovens.

Showroom condition

The Ovenu process cleans your oven and returns it to showroom condition. The door, fan and panels are removed for professional cleaning. All traces of grease, fat and other deposits are removed. All knobs, dials, door seals and door glasses are cleaned and polished.

Safe and caustic free products

Ovenu only uses safe, biodegradable cleaning products that are caustic-free.

Barbecues, cooking stoves, hotplates and extractor hoods

Luke can also clean and detail your cooking stove, hotplate, extractor hoods and your BBQ. 

Your oven will be returned to showroom condition in just a few hours! 

Most people dread the thought of cleaning the oven. It's a difficult job requiring a lot of elbow grease using harsh cleaning products. Luke from Ovenu can make your life easier by giving your oven a complete detail and clean.

So what exactly will Ovenu do?

Thorough inspection

Ovenu will arrive at your home and begin by inspecting your oven to make sure that everything is in working order. The Ovenu technician will tell you if there is any damage to your oven or if  any parts need replacing such as light globes or door seals. They carry a range of spare globes and seals, and can often fix the oven on the spot.

Oven door, racks and light cover removed

The door, fan light cover and racks are removed for cleaning. These parts are taken outside to the customised Ovenu van where they are soaked in a non-caustic and environmentally-friendly cleaning solution. This removes all the accumulated grease and carbon that you would find hard to clean. Ovenu can even clean between the glass on the oven door where stains accumulate that you cannot reach.

Inside of the oven is cleaned

Ovenu will then clean the parts of the oven that you can't see. A fan forced oven will draw the grease behind the back panels and this is where the fire danger is. The inside of the oven is coated with an odourless gel that is biodegradable and will remove all traces of grease and carbon. You won't need to use those powerful toxic oven cleaners again.

Oven exterior

The oven exterior is degreased and polished so it is sparkling clean and the oven is reassembled. Your Ovenu technician conducts a final check with a UV light to ensure your oven is 100% clean.

Enjoy your now showroom clean oven

Your oven appliances will be left in sparkling condition. Luke will treat your home with care and respect and he also carries comprehensive insurance cover to ensure your total peace of mind. Ask Luke about making your oven detailing an annual service and never worry about cleaning your oven again.

person cleaning a dirty oven

If you’ve been neglecting your oven and you rent your home, you’ll have to get it back to its original state before you get your bond back! Here are two ways you can bring your oven back to sparkling.

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Muffins baking in the oven

One of the ways you can save energy in your kitchen is by making sure your oven is as energy efficient as it can be. This will cut your gas and electric bills as well as help you do your bit for the environment.

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Lady looking inside a smoking oven

Food and grease spills left in an oven can continue to cook while your oven is on, which can be a sure-fire way to a dinner disaster!

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