Why smoking is bad for your oven

We all know the dangers of smoking, but what if your oven has picked up this nasty habit?! We have two common reasons why your oven may have started to smoke.

July 7, 2022


A smoking oven is often caused by your past meals coming back to haunt you! It’s the result of oil and grease build-up along with bits of spilled food that have turned into charcoal inside the oven.

Once they’re heated again, these spilled bits of last week’s dinner - or even last month’s if your oven hasn’t been cleaned in a while - release carbon-based fumes. And to add insult to injury, this smoke can affect whatever you’re cooking at the time (cake that tastes like burnt roast lamb anyone?). It can also send the pervasive smell of burning food all over your home.  

Cleaning products

If you have recently cleaned your oven, the smoke may be the result of residue left behind from the cleaner that you used. If the cleaner had harsh chemicals (which they often do) chemical fumes could be filling your home.  

The best way to avoid a smoking oven is to have it deep cleaned every 6-8 months by a professional using chemical-free products, and keep it clean in between.  

Easy ways to keep your oven clean

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