4 awesome benefits of motorised blinds

Do you have windows that are difficult to reach? Sick of messy cords hanging off your window blinds? Install motorised blinds and transform your home! Here’s why they are a great idea.

September 16, 2021

Easy to install

Motorised blinds can be battery operated so you don’t have to have a power outlet close by or wiring installed, which makes life far less complicated.  

Wake up naturally

Setting your blinds to open when you need to get up for work will give you a gentle wakeup call as the sun begins to rise.

Child and pet safe

Motorised Blinds remove the need for hanging cords and strings, making them completely child-safe and pet-friendly. They are the safe and convenient solution for any home.

Perfect for hard-to-reach areas

No more climbing onto a chair or struggling to get behind the sofa to open your blinds. Once they’re installed, all you need is the remote to control the blinds in tricky spaces.  

They can also be easily integrated with home automation systems.